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48 Preludes And Fugues - Book 2

Book 2: Nos 25-48

INSTRUMENT GROUP: Piano or Keyboard
COMPOSER: Johann Sebastian Bach
PUBLISHER: Stainer and Bell
PRODUCT TYPE: Book [Softcover]
The second part of Bach's 48 preludes and fugues, from the Well-Tempered Clavier , as edited by Carl Czerny.
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Subtitle Book 2: Nos 25-48
Instrument Group Piano or Keyboard
Composer Johann Sebastian Bach
Publisher Stainer and Bell
Instrumentation Piano
Product Type Book [Softcover]
Style Period Baroque
Style Baroque
ISMN 9790220200465
Style Period Baroque
No. Pages 132
No. STAR8009B
The second part of Bach's 48 preludes and fugues, from the Well-Tempered Clavier, as edited by Carl Czerny.
  • 1. Prelude And Fugue No.1 In C BWV 870
  • 2. Prelude And Fugue No.10 In E Minor BWV 879
  • 3. Prelude And Fugue No.11 In F BWV 880
  • 4. Prelude And Fugue No.12 In F Minor BWV 881
  • 5. Prelude And Fugue No.13 In F Sharp BWV 882
  • 6. Prelude And Fugue No.14 In F Sharp Minor BWV 883
  • 7. Prelude And Fugue No.15 In G BWV 884
  • 8. Prelude And Fugue No.16 In G Minor BWV 885
  • 9. Prelude And Fugue No.17 In A Flat BWV 886
  • 10. Prelude And Fugue No.18 In G Sharp Minor BWV 887
  • 11. Prelude And Fugue No.19 In A BWV 888
  • 12. Prelude And Fugue No.2 In C Minor BWV 871
  • 13. Prelude And Fugue No.20 In A Minor BWV 889
  • 14. Prelude And Fugue No.21 In B Flat BWV 890
  • 15. Prelude And Fugue No.22 In B Flat Minor BWV 891