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Mastering Classic Favorites 5

Composto da – scritto da Domenico Scarlatti, Robert Schumann
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Pianoforte. Tipologia di prodotto: Libro + CD. Edito da Carl Fischer
A series of books for pianists, compiled, edited and performed by Paul Sheftel and Phyllis Alpert Lehrer. It is rare that something innovative gets released in the piano education field these days. However, we believe this series has a unique concept. With each of the six books of beginning piano pieces in this series, which comprise the basic and familiar early piano repertoire, we are providing an extraordinary disc which contains a recording of each piece performed by Paul Sheftel or Phyllis Alpert Lehrer, recorded on a Yamaha Concert Grand Piano equipped with the Disklavier Pro Recording and Reproducing unit, and an exceptionally insightful Master Class by the authors on the performance and practice techniques for each piece. In addition, the enhanced CD includes special MIDI files that allow the student and/or teacher to playback the music on a Mac computer, PC or MIDI instrument, alter the tempo without changing the pitch as a practice helper, or even create an electronic orchestration of a piece. Each 48 page book contains detailed biographies of the composers involved and additional listening suggestions. The whole amounts to an unusually complete educational package designed and created with teachers, students and amateur pianists in mind.
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Compositore: Domenico Scarlatti
Compositore: Robert Schumann
Curatore: Paul Sheftel
Curatore: Phyllis Alpert Lehrer
Editore: Carl Fischer
Strumentazione: Pianoforte
Tipologia articolo: Libro + CD
Anno di pubblicazione: 2001
Numero di pagine: 50
ISBN: 9780825842344
Codice edizione: PL1205
€ 16,00
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