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Odysseus and the Sirens Score Only

BandQuest Series Grade 4
Composto da – scritto da Dana Wilson
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Concert BandSpartito. Collana: BandQuest. Tipologia di prodotto: Partitura. Edito da Hal Leonard
The Odyssey was written by Homer about 2700 years ago and tells of the adventures of the Greek hero Odysseus during his harrowing return trip home after fighting the Trojan Wars. This work is suggestive of his dramatic encounter with the sirens, famous for luring sailors to their death with their beguiling wind-like song. In this descriptive piece you can hear the wind-song becoming evermore insistent, the rocking of the ship, Odysseus' screams, and finally the sirens plunging to their death as they fail in their attempt to lure Odysseus.
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Compositore: Dana Wilson
Editore: Hal Leonard
Collana: BandQuest
Strumentazione: Concert Band
Tipologia articolo: Partitura
Anno di pubblicazione: 2008
Numero di pagine: 20
UPC: 884088266363
Codice edizione: HL04002769
€ 11,50
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