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Guide to Standardized Drumset Notation

Composto da – scritto da Norman Weinberg
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PercussionSpartito. Collana: Percussion. Tipologia di prodotto: Libro. Edito da Hal Leonard Europe
One of the biggest challenges for anyone attempting to notate a drumset part is that there is no absolute “standard” in terms of what makes up a drumset. Through this book, the Percussive Arts Society provides guidelines to aid performers, teachers, students, composers, arrangers, orchestrators and music engravers in producing clear drumset parts for a variety of uses. These guidelines cover the majority of situations and provide basic principles to help people arrive at logical solutions to unique circumstances. Topics covered include: general notation, drums, cymbals, noteheads, voicing, improvisational notation, and more.
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Autore: Norman Weinberg
Editore: Hal Leonard Europe
Collana: Percussion
Strumentazione: Percussion
Lingua: ENG-UK
Tipologia articolo: Libro
ISBN: 9780966801637
UPC: 073999801637
Codice edizione: HL06620063
€ 11,00
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