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God'S Rainbow Promisses Of Christmas

Choirtrax CD
Composto da – scritto da Betty Hager, Fred Bock
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ChoirSpartito. Collana: Fred Bock Publications. Tipologia di prodotto: CD. Edito da Fred Bock Music Company
In 'God's Rainbow Promises of Christmas', seven children-shepherds are watching their sheep for their parents, who have gone into Bethlehem for the census and tax. During their tending, a light rain falls and a rainbow appears - only this rainbow is alive! Each color stands for a different promise God has extended to His people. The rainbow is especially beaming because it holds the secret that God's promised Son, Jesus the Messiah, is to be born this night. Available: Director's Edition, Singer's Edition, Accompaniment Track Cassette, Listening Cassette, Preview Pak (Singer's Edition and Listening Cassette), Posters, and Bulletins/50 pkg.
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Compositore: Betty Hager
Compositore: Fred Bock
Editore: Fred Bock Music Company
Collana: Fred Bock Publications
Strumentazione: Choir
Tipologia articolo: CD
UPC: 073999380415
Codice edizione: HL08738041
€ 95,90
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