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Adele: Hello
€ 5,60
Adele: 25 [Easy Piano] Adeles much-anticipated third album 25 is arranged here for Easy Piano, making it perfect for beginners and younger pianists who want to learn to play this record-breaking album in its entirety. Every song from the album including the smash-hit Hello is included in this fantastic Adele 25 sheet music songbook for Easy Piano, with chord symbols. Since Adele released 21 in 2011, excitement among fans has been steadily increasing for more of her personal lyrics and powerful voice. After considering quitting music, she suffered from intense writers block, but thankfully Adele eventually found creative inspiration and released 25 to overwhelming acclaim, debuting at number one, and becoming the fastest-selling album of all time in a number of countries. These simplified arrangements of every song from 25 will allow beginner pianists, as well as younger players, to learn all of the wonderful songs from this album. This Adele sheet music features the complete 25, including the number one single Hello, the beautiful When We Were Young, Million Years Ago and the brilliantly upbeat Send My Love (To Your New Lover). The album is full of the big ballads Adele is best-known for, but it also includes more mature lyrical themes and some contemporary twists on her signature sound, making sure that 25 equals the brilliance of her other efforts. For pianists, this album will be great fun, allowing you to play the instantly-recognisable melodies without learning the exact Piano parts. This expertly-arranged and complete Adele 25 sheet music is the best way to learn this modern pop classic for Easy Piano. The emotional and beautiful melodies will sound perfect on Piano, with these arrangements being ideal for those beginner pianists who adore Adele. Learn to play 25 with our Adele Easy Piano sheet music and enjoy every song.
Adele: 25 [Easy Piano]
€ 13,80
David Bowie: Blackstar Every song from the late, great David Bowie 's number one album Blackstar (★), arranged for Piano, Voice and Guitar, with full lyrics, chord symbols and chord boxes. The album was released just two days before Bowie tragically passed away, and was hailed by critics and audiences as one of his greatest, taking his music in new directions as he had done for his entire life. The album was a surprise release to many fans, with the first single Blackstar hinting at a completely new direction, venturing towards jazz music. A music video for the second single, Lazarus , was released in January 2016, the day before the album. The video shows Bowie in a hospital bed, with a bandage covering his eyes before walking into a wardrobe at the end. Bowie passed away two days after Blackstar was released, to the sadness of the entire nation. Much of the album relates to life and death, and the lyrical themes have been interpreted as a "parting gift" for fans before his death. The songs have been almost universally acclaimed for their music and lyrics, as well as the ultimate artistic swansong for a man whose life was exceptionally creative and boundary-pushing. With this Blackstar sheet music, you can learn to play David Bowie 's last album in all its glory, for Piano, Vocal and Guitar.
David Bowie: Blackstar
€ 20,70
Adele: 25 The much-anticipated and record-breaking album 25 from Adele is arranged here for Piano, Vocal and Guitar. Including the huge single Hello, the 25 sheet music will let you learn to play Adeles new album from start to finish, exactly as it sounds on the record.
Adele: 25
€ 13,80
The Best Of Megadeth ...and then they invented Thrash! Full band scores for ten of Dave Mustaine's speed metal anthems. Complete vocal, guitar, bass and drum parts, with lyrics and chords.
The Best Of Megadeth
€ 26,20
John Scofield: Jazz-Funk Guitar
€ 43,50
Edith Piaf - Collection Grands Interprètes A Quoi Ça Sert L’amour • Bal Dans Ma Rue • Bravo Pour Le Clown • C’est A Hambourg • C’est Merveilleux • Chanson De Catherine • Comme Un Moineau • Hymne A L’amour • J’m’en Fous Pas Mal • Je Sais Comment • L’accordéoniste • L’étranger • L’homme A La Moto • La Foule • La Goualante Du Pauvre Jean • La Vie En Rose • Le Droit D’aimer • Les Amants • Les Amants D’un Jour • Les Amants Du Dimanche • Les Flonsflons Du Bal • Les Mots D’amour • Les Trois Cloches • Marie-Trottoir • Milord • Mon Amant De Saint Jean • Mon Dieu • Mon Légionnaire • Mon Manège A Moi • Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien • Padam...Padam • Paris • Plus Bleu Que Tes Yeux • Sous Le Ciel De Paris • Tiens V’là Un Marin
€ 26,80

Film & Musical

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Easy Piano) Music from the soundtrack to the much-anticipated seventh installment of the Star Wars ® franchise by John Williams is presented in this songbook, complete with full-color artwork from the film.
€ 19,30
The Beatles - Live at the Hollywood Bowl 16 songs from the 2016 album release that coincides with the Ron Howard documentary, Eight Days a Week chronicling two infamous live performances by the Fab Four at the Hollywood Bowl in August 1964 and 1965.
€ 19,30
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Piano solo) Music from the soundtrack to the much-anticipated seventh installment of the Star Wars ® franchise by John Williams is presented in this songbook, complete with full-color artwork from the film.
€ 20,70
Can't Stop the Feeling This sheet music features an arrangement for piano and voice with guitar chord frames, with the melody presented in the right hand of the piano part as well as in the vocal line.
Can't Stop the Feeling
€ 4,50
The Color Purple: The Musical Eight songs from the 2015 Broadway revival of the musical adapted from the novel The Color Purple, presented in vocal lines with piano accompaniment. Includes: Any Little Thing • The Color Purple • I'm Here • Our Prayer • Push Da Button • Somebody Gonna Love You • Too Beautiful for Words • What About Love?
The Color Purple: The Musical
€ 16,60


Clapping Music
€ 11,70
Studies In Penderecki, Vol. 1 In recognition of Penderecki's contributions to the music of our time, a group of scholars came together in Poland on the occasion of Penderecki's 60th birthday celebration in 1993 to discuss how this burgeoning interest in Penderecki scholarship could be enhanced, focused and made available to the worldwide academic and musical_x000D_community. These initial discussions led to a meeting in June 1994_x000D_in the polish city of Cracow where a mission statement was developed_x000D_an editorial board was identified and elected, and a decision was_x000D_made to move forward with a plan to create an annual publication with_x000D_the working title "studies in Penderecki". It was also decided that_x000D_the language of the journal would be English. The present volume is_x000D_a result of these efforts. The editorial board has chosen to focus_x000D_this initial volume on a retrospective view of the composer's career_x000D_by commissioning four major articles on the topic: "KrzysztofPenderecki: a career in retrospect".
Studies In Penderecki, Vol. 1
€ 27,50
Sur le même accord Henri Dutilleux was born in Angers, France, in 1916. This ten-minute Nocturne in one movement was first performed in London by Anne-Sophie Mutter. The demanding solo part has closely alternating virtuoso and lyrical passages. The orchestra accompanies and engages in a dialogue with the solo violin in a colourful and elegant manner that is typically French.
The violin part in this edition contains bowings and fingerings by Anne-Sophie Mutter.
Sur le même accord
€ 21,20
The Ghosts of Versailles Suggested by La M?re coupable of Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais. Libretto by William M. Hoffman. Commissioned by the Metropolitan Opera Company for its 100th anniversary.
The Ghosts of Versailles
€ 83,50
Timbres Espaces Mouvements Ou Composed in 1978 by Henri Dutilleux, Timbres, Espace, Mouvement Ou La Nuit Etoileé is a work for Orchestra, also named “The Starry Night” after the painting by Van Gogh. It was commissioned by Mstislav Rostropovich for the National Symphony Orchestra of Washington and is dedicated to Charles Münch. This work for Orchestra lasts approximately 20 minutes and depicts the content of the painting. It is scored for a full Orchestra without Violins or Violas. The Cellos serve to represent space, with swirling solos alongside calmer sections, while the lack of Violins and Violas epitomises for the quiet and motionless sections of the painting. The solo of the Wind instruments and Drums characterizes the clouds and the light of the moon and stars. It is divided into two parts: 1. Nébuleuse (Nebula) and 2.Constellations, which are divided by a Cello interlude.
Timbres Espaces Mouvements Ou
€ 69,20