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Symfoni Nr. 2 - Snapshot Symphony

PUBLISHER: Edition Wilhelm Hansen
Niels Marthinsen' s Symphony No. 2 - Snapshot Symphony (2009). 1 st movement Fiesta Mexicana : fortissimo accelerando (ca. 6 minutes) 2 nd movement Arabian Nights : adagio intensivo e furioso (ca. 11 minutes) 3 rd movement Great Fireworks in China : giocoso esplosivo emarcatissimo (ca. 8
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Publisher Edition Wilhelm Hansen
Instrumentation Orchestra
Product Type Vocal Score
Instrument Group Orchestra
Style Period Post 1901
Year of Publication 2013
Genre Classical
ISBN 9788759819951
Style Period Post 1901
No. Pages 124
No. WH31120

Niels Marthinsen's Symphony No. 2 - Snapshot Symphony (2009).

1st movement Fiesta Mexicana: fortissimo accelerando (ca. 6 minutes)

2nd movement Arabian Nights: adagio intensivo e furioso (ca. 11 minutes)

3rd movement Great Fireworks in China: giocoso esplosivo emarcatissimo (ca. 8 minutes)


Programme note

I’ve never been to Mexico and Arabia, or to China. But I love the way those countries sound in Hollywood movies andinpop culture generally: When Clint Eastwood rides south of the border, when Disney’s Alladin or Mulan takes me far east, when arabic pop music roars past me out of the open windows of a car... and bull fighter music, andthe sound of acrobatic beat-em-up’s in John Woo’s Hong Kong karate movies – and so on: powerful images splashed all over my eye balls and ear drums.

My recollections of this ethnic-pop-film-music hasturned itself into a symphony. And I don’t even have to just remember what I have heard: A few internet clicks gives me access to incredible sound libraries containing live-and-kicking ethnic music from my three favoritecountries, just waiting to be put together in new combinations and energize my personal imagery.

 The symphony is like a huge slide show – musical snapshots from my travels in the western popculture versions of three exotic locations: Mexico, Arabia, and China – original and popular melodies welded together by my personal musical language and associations. I use all the effects of modern pling-plong-music plus afew of my own inventions to create a spectacular contemporary orchestral sound sporting a bee hive of melodies from either East or West, played simultaneously, in different keys and differents tempos at once while kept firmly inplace by